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Free RV Camping in the West is a directory of free RV campgrounds in the American West. These are often in small town city parks. Plus information on camping at casinos, truck stops, Wal-Mart and on U.S. public lands.

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Good Sam Club: The largest RV club in America. Benefits include a superb monthly magazine, hundreds of local chapters and special interest groups, regional and national rallies, and discounts at campgrounds -- perhaps the best benefit.

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Learn the ABCs of full time RVing

By Chuck Woodbury
editor, Beginners Guide to RVing

Imagine a life with no deadlines, no neighbors, no leaves to rake, and no lawn to mow. The open road calls, and your home goes with you wherever you travel. Welcome to the world of fulltime RVing — self-sufficient, comfortable, and mobile. This third edition of the best-selling Living Aboard Your RV, will help you decide if RVing is the right choice for you, taking you through every step of hitting the road full time.

Revised and updated for today’s younger, savvier RV owners, this new edition of Janet and Gordon Groene’s classic features a new section on home schooling, a more comprehensive resources section, and updated coverage on using the Internet to take care of such things as banking; staying in touch with friends, family and business associates; medical care; bill paying, and other essentials. Readers will also find the latest on new RV models. Yet, despite all the changes, Living Aboard Your RV retains the many timeless features that have made it the top-selling guide of its kind.
 Preface to the Third Edition
 1. Song of the Open Road
 2. Get Ready
 3. Fulltimer Case Histories
 4. The Cost of RV Living
 5. Wheres Home?
 6. Making the Break
 7. How to Choose a Home on Wheels
 8. Equipping Your RV Home Your Way
 9. Rest Insured
10. Managing Money on the Go
11. Keeping in Touch
12. Kids on Board
13. The Fulltimers Pets
14. Driving the Big Ones
15. Mini-Hobbies for Your Mini-Home
16. Home, Sweet Campground
17. Put the RV in ConseRVation
18. Portable Professions
19. The Mysteries of Mobile Medicine
 20. Housecleaning on Wheels
 21. Tools for the Fulltimer
 22. Your RVs Engine and Drive Train
 23. Maintaining Your RVs Utility Systems
 24. Safety and Security
 25. The End of the Road
 Appendix 1. Useful Addresses
 Appendix 2. Whats Available in RVs

The RV revolution is truly one of the wonders of our time. It grew out of the dream of traveling without leaving "home" and became a reality for hundreds of thousands of Americans because of today's fine-quality, fully equipped, and very comfortable recreational vehicles. It's not "roughing it" anymore to live full time on the road.

Modern technology has made full-time RVing easier than ever, and this book tells how. The Internet has revolutionized the ways we can communicate, pay bills, educate children, and earn a living. GPS navigation signals, telephone calls and TV and subscription radio services are bounced to full-time RVers from satellites.

And idea that full-time RVers are an isolated bunch of "gypsys" is simply not true. Through RV clubs and/or social gathering at RV parks, most RVers find their lives filled with familiar faces. In fact, people who travel via recreation vehicle claim to feel healthier, both physically and mentally, than they would be if they led more sedentary lives, according to an anthropological study of RV owners by professors David Counts, Ph.D., and his wife Dorothy Counts, Ph.D.

Authors Janet and Gordon Groene, an award-winning writer and photographer team, spent more than 10 years as full-time wanderers, living aboard a boat in the summer and their motorhome in the winter. Janet writes RV columns and features for national magazines, and the couple have collaborated on more than a dozen popular travel books, including Cooking Aboard Your RV and Great Eastern RV Trips.

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