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How to make $50,000
a year delivering motorhomes

"How to Get Paid $50,000 a Year to Travel" is the complete handbook and guide to the job (and lifestyle) of delivering brand-new recreational and specialty vehicles.

Think about this: You never see anything but cars, pickup trucks, and minivans being transported on trucks. That's because nearly all the other types of vehicles are driven to their dealerships or customers -- frequently hundreds, or even thousands of miles from the manufacturing sites.

And most of those vehicles are driven by ordinary people, not by truck drivers. These include new ambulances, hearses, bread trucks, UPS vans, school busses, and even limousines -- and much more as well as nearly all of the hundreds of thousands of recreational vehicles (RVs) that are manufactured annually.

It takes a large workforce to do this — more than100,000 drivers in North America alone, working for 3,500 U.S. companies, and 330 companies in Canada.

Drivers who do this may choose to work full- or part-time, seasonally, occasionally, or on-call-as-needed. Over 10,000 of them even have regular jobs during the week, and do this just on weekends, earning up to $8,000/year of supplemental income. (By the way, the book's title reflects what the author Craig Chilton was earning when he wrote its FIRST edition in 1979. The last six years that he did this job full-time, his annual earningswere $52,000).

The following percentages overlap: 40% of the driver workforce is comprised of couples, and 30% of the drivers are between the ages of 65 and 80... which makes this the world's most senior-friendly job in terms of being meaningful, well-paying, stress-free, enjoyable — and accessible, work. (The other two-thirds of the drivers are between 18 and 64.)

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One last point: Separately from wages (which are paid by the mile; 33 cents/mile is typical take-home pay), drivers receive expense money which pays for fuel, and the airplane ticket back home. By airline rules, he or she who gets on the plane gets the frequent flyer miles. The book's author has been to Europe and Asia nine times this way! Thus, the frequent-flyer miles are a VERY nice perk! If you love to travel, you'll never find better way than THIS to do it!

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