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Buying An RV?
You must read the new book "RV Buyers Survival Guide." Learn how much an RV dealer makes on each sale. Learn how low an offer you can make and still get the RV! Written by an RV sales manager, who reveals insider secrets. Read more.

Beginners Guide to RVing
Advice and information for beginning RVers and others thinking of taking up the recreational vehicle lifestyle.

Magazine is dedicated to RV travel in the West
RV Journal is the only magazine dedicated to RV travel in the American West. Each issues is packed with features and information. Subscribe here and receive free bonus issues.

Free RV Camping in the West is a directory of free RV campgrounds in the American West. These are often in small town city parks.

Pop Up Trailer Enthusiasts: Pop Up Times is the only magazine serving owners and would-be owners of folding camping trailers. Subscribe today for only $11.98. And check out our new "Pop Up 101" home video".

Good Sam Club: The largest RV club in America. Benefits include a superb monthly magazine, hundreds of local chapters and special interest groups, regional and national rallies, and discounts at campgrounds -- perhaps the best benefit.

Magazines for RVers
Big selection of RV magazines you won't find anywhere else.

Half Price Camping for RVers: The Happy Camper Club offers its members half-price camping at more than 600 RV parks in the US and Canada. A one year membership is $49.95, and there are no contracts or hidden fees. Read more

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Mountain Directory West
Mountain Directory East
These are essential books for RVers who travel in mountainous regions of the USA.

These wonderful books provide the locations and descriptions of more than 700 mountain passes and steep grades in the United States. The information is vital to anyone driving a large or heavy vehicle including RVers.
Learn what to expect when crossing 700 mountain passes in the USA in this two-volume set.

There are 12 full color relief maps showing mountain ranges, valleys, cities, highways, etc. Text details include how long and how steep (percent) the grades are, whether the road is two, three, or four lane, if there are sharp curves, switchbacks, escape ramps, narrow shoulders, etc.

Many mountain grades are hazardous to large or heavy vehicles and knowing what lies ahead can be life saving. Grades can be too long and steep to climb and descend safely. If you've ever had the terrifying experience of losing your brakes while descending a mountain, you know it is not something you want to repeat. Remember the old phrase, "You can go down a mountain a thousand times too slowly, but only once too fast."

Some roads are so narrow and winding that large vehicles can't stay in their own lane on the curves. This is hazardous for everyone on the road and in most cases, can be avoided by choosing a safer route.

Many RVers mistakenly believe that the only hazardous mountain passes are in the West, but that's not true. While six and seven percent grades are common in the west, nine and ten percent grades are common in the east and the roads tend to be more narrow and winding there due to age and terrain. Many escape ramps are completely inadequate.

These books are extremely valuable references for anyone driving a large or heavy vehicle for work or pleasure.

About the Author
Richard Miller was inspired to write these books after a nearly disastrous mountain descent in an 18 wheeler. This occurred in Arizona, but when he subsequently attempted to find information about the mountain grades elsewhere, he was amazed to learn that no one had compiled much data about these potentially deadly hills. The only way to get accurate information was to personally drive over as many of these passes and steep grades as he could find. The search eventually covered almost 40,000 miles and yielded detailed descriptions of over 700 locations.

Mountain Directory West ($14.95) includes the locations and descriptions of more than 400 mountain passes and steep grades in eleven western states. The states included are Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Mountain Directory East ($12.95) includes the locations and descriptions of more than 300 mountain passes and steep grades in eleven eastern states. The states included are Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Both of these books include very high quality color relief maps of the states covered. The books are divided into state sections with a color relief map at the beginning of each state section. There are yellow triangles on the maps indicating the pass and grade locations. Inside of each triangle there is a number that corresponds to a text entry which provides a description of the pass or grade.

The printing and binding of these books is excellent and they are durable.

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Western edition, $14.95

Eastern edition, $12.95

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