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Free RV Camping in the West is a directory of free RV campgrounds in the American West. These are often in small town city parks. Plus information on camping at casinos, truck stops, Wal-Mart and on U.S. public lands.

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Good Sam Club: The largest RV club in America. Benefits include a superb monthly magazine, hundreds of local chapters and special interest groups, regional and national rallies, and discounts at campgrounds -- perhaps the best benefit.

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Quartzsite, Arizona

Just like being there!

If you have never been to the Snowbird Capital of the Southwest, then take an armchair trip there right now through the magic of DVD or VHS video!


By Chuck Woodbury

Quartzsite, Arizona is one of THE most popular snowbird destinations in the American Southwest. Every year, hundreds of thousands of RVers swarm here. They come to camp for free on government land or camp for seven months for less than a dollar a day. And they come for the giant, ongoing mineral shows, flea markets, and annual RV Show. Quartzsite is more than a place — it's an experience.

And now, comes a fabulous DVD (also in VHS video format) titled "The Greatest DVD on Quartzsite." The wonderful production provides RV travelers with extremely comprehensive coverage of the destination. It’s designed to equip RVers with all the information they need to get to most out of a visit to this hugely popular winter location. This production is so good, I want everyone to view it. It's better than any TV show I have seen about RVing and any video tape on the market today. I have been to Quartzsite at least a half-dozen times and loved every visit. This video is the closest thing to being there without actually going. Whether you have been there many times or never, you will love this DVD and video.

The "Greatest DVD on Quartzsite" features more than an hour of professionally produced, television-quality video of the location including every significant point of interest, profiles of the area’s colorful permanent residents, extensive video coverage of all the area’s key must-see attractions with GPS readings of each, where to camp (for free or in an RV park), events, etc.

Quartzsite is one of the most interesting RV locations in the U.S. It evolves fr
Another home video about Quartzsite you would enjoy
"Quartzsite: Flight of the Snowbirds."
om a near ghost town of approximately 400 residents in the summer to more than 100,000 at times during the winter — most the them in RVs. The "Greatest DVD on Quartzsite" covers the annual evolution of the town from its summer isolation to a thriving winter RV community. Every significant point of interest to RVers is video-profiled with GPS coordinates included to make them as easy to find as possible. There's even a segment about the town's new Internet Cafe!

"Our "Greatest DVD on Quartzsite" series is designed to answer every conceivable question an RV camper could have about the destination," said Greg Cooke, executive producer/director. "We are particularly excited about how well it integrates all of the functionality and density of the DVD with Global Positioning technology so RVers will know exactly where to find all of a destination’s points of interest. It provides RVers with everything they need to know about the area to ensure they won’t miss anything worth visiting and that they will be fully prepared for the visit. And the DVD is packed with maps and other useful information that can be printed out from a computer or viewed on the screen."

The video was all shot by Greg Cooke, a veteran of more than thirty years of television production. Cooke began his career as a film cameraman covering the Vietnam War for CBS with correspondents Morley Safer, Morton Dean and Ed Bradley. After the war he spent several years photographing hundreds of segments for CBS Reports and 60 Minutes before becoming a staff producer. He has spent the last several years in Hollywood as show director for a variety of popular network television programs.

The "Greatest DVD on Quartzsite" includes a wide variety of useful features for RVers, all easily accessible from the menu. In addition to the documentary video covering Quartzite’s unique location and the many colorful people visitors will encounter, the DVD features campsite diagrams with detailed hookup and reservation information, town history, places to visit nearby, printable maps of the area and attractions, restaurant menus, and more. Each location includes GPS readings to make them as easy to locate as possible.

The VHS home video version is $19.95.

The "Greatest DVD on Quartzsite" DVD retails for $24.95. ORDER THE DVD

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