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How To Operate Everything on a Class C Rental motorhome (or a Class C of your own)

If you are planning to rent a Class C (the most common) motorhome, or recently purchased such a motorhome but are still unfamilar with how to operate it, this DVD will show you how to use everything on the RV, saving you big headaches on the road.

By Chuck Woodbury

An RV is is an incredibly wonderful device — a home on wheels that makes traveling a piece of cake. And the really good news is that you don't have to own one to use one. Hundreds of RV rental companies will rent you one for a day, a week or longer.

The most popular RV rental by far is a class C motorhome — the most common kind of motorhome, the type with a bed over the driver's compartment.

Driving one isn't much different than driving a car as long as you keep a few things in mind — drive slower on curves than in a regular car, make wide turns, watch out for overhead obstacles, and use your mirrors intelligently.

The most challenging part of using a Class C motorhome is operating everything in the "home" part of the vehicle. And that's where Mark Polk and his video play a very helpful role. Polk, the producer of the RV Education 101 series of RVing how-to DVDs, takes viewers step by step through every system on a Class C motorhome, and how to use each one.

While Polk produced this informative DVD for people who rent Class C motorhomes, the video is equally useful to RVers who just bought a Class C motorhome and will be using it for the first time.

Among the topics covered:

How to light and use the stove.

How to use the refrigerator properly on both electricty and propane, and which system is best with or without hookups. And he discusses if its okay to run the refrigerator when rolling down the highway.

In campgrounds, how to hook up to electricity, water and sewer.

How to fill the motorhome with freshwater and how to use this onboard water when not hooked up to a faucet in a campground.

How to use chemicals to keep the toilet from smelling, and how to properly dump the holding tanks. There is definitely a right and wrong way.

How to use the heating and air conditioning systems, and when not to operate the heater or risk danger.

How to determine how many applicances and other electrical devices can be used when NOT hooked up to power at a campground, and how much you can use when fully hooked up (hint: not all hookups provide the same amount of power).

Polk also provides driving tips and tells how to prepare the RV before hitting the road.

Anyone who is about to use a Class C motorhome for the first time should get this DVD. It will make a first trip go much smoother, and will take the time-consuming hassle of figuring out how to use or do something after the journey is underway.

The "Class C RV" DVD is $24.95 plus postage and handling, and can be ordered directly on our secure server.

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