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Buying An RV?
You must read the new book "RV Buyers Survival Guide." Learn how much an RV dealer makes on each sale. Learn how low an offer you can make and still get the RV! Written by an RV sales manager, who reveals insider secrets. Read more.

Beginners Guide to RVing
Advice and information for beginning RVers and others thinking of taking up the recreational vehicle lifestyle.

Magazine is dedicated to RV travel in the West
RV Journal is the only magazine dedicated to RV travel in the American West. Each issues is packed with features and information. Subscribe here and receive free bonus issues.

Free RV Camping in the West is a directory of free RV campgrounds in the American West. These are often in small town city parks. Plus information on camping at casinos, truck stops, Wal-Mart and on U.S. public lands.

Pop Up Trailer Enthusiasts: Pop Up Times is the only magazine serving owners and would-be owners of folding camping trailers. Subscribe today for only $11.98. And check out our new "Pop Up 101" home video".

Good Sam Club: The largest RV club in America. Benefits include a superb monthly magazine, hundreds of local chapters and special interest groups, regional and national rallies, and discounts at campgrounds -- perhaps the best benefit.

Half Price Camping for RVers: The Happy Camper Club offers its members half-price camping at more than 600 RV parks in the US and Canada. A one year membership is $49.95, and there are no contracts or hidden fees. Read more

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Learn everything you need to know about choosing, using and enjoying your RV

"The RVer's Bible" is one of the best overall guides to RVing, from buying a rig to using and enjoying it.

By Chuck Woodbury

This book really does cover it all. Even though I have been an RVer for nearly two decades now, I still managed to learn a lot reading this 390 page book. However, the book's greatest value will be to brand new or relatively inexperienced RVers.

The authors are veteran RVers who know their subject matter well. And that's important, as sometimes books like this don't get specific enough to provide solid information or advice. Authors Kim and Sunny Baker managed to do just that, and in a very easy-to-read fashion.

The book covers all the basics:

Choosing, equipping and buying the right RV: a step-by-step tour of the six basic types of RVs, and how not to overpay for one. The ABCs of financing, warranties and insurance.

Precautions to take before hitting the road (just because you bought it doesn't mean you can drive it.

The mechanical side of RVing.

How to choose and live in campgrounds and overnight camping places: the best places to stay and ten classic mistakes that can cause a stay to be unpleasant for you or damaging to the RV.

The many types of RV clubs and how to find them, plus information about RV tours.

Tips on saving money to keep the rig afloat as long as possible.

The RV chef: good food in a small space.

Doing business on the road: the ultimate in a portable office.

Selling or trading your RV: how to get the most money for it.

And much more.

The RVers Bible is $22.00.

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